Berlin [Einband Laudes Dei Vespertinae]
As director of the "Teaching and Research Institute for Early Music" at the Music Academy of the City of Basle, the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis I hold the goals, concept and results of the work of the "Akademie fuer historische Auffuehrungspraxis" and the "Elisabeth-Musiquen" in highest regard. I am furthermore extremely pleased to have such competent partners in Berlin. [...] We are looking forward to an ongoing productive collaboration.
Dr. Peter Reidemeister, Director of the "Teaching and Research Institute for Early Music", Schola Cantorum Basiliensis
[...] The Academy's musicological, historical and performance practice research has broken new ground in the area of Early Music. Due to this they stand alone not only nationally but also internationally in closing the gaps in our musicological knowledge. [...] The Academy's current research projects in Frankfurt are, together with others, an integral part of the preparations for the activities in 2005 to celebrate the Kulturland Brandenburg (Cultural State Brandenburg) and the Viadrina Jubilee in 2006. Hence they have an extremely high cultural and politico-cultural value for the state of Brandenburg and elsewhere.
Gabi Foerder-Hoff, Ministry for Science, Research and Culture, State of Brandenburg
[...] The State Working Committee for Musicology considers the work of both institutions to be an exceptionally important contribution to local music history research and to Berlin's musical life in general. [...] The State Working Committee for Musicology considers both the Akademie fuer historische Auffuehrungspraxis and the Elisabeth-Musiquen project to be worthy of subvention in order for their work to be continued without restriction.
Prof. Dr Wolfgang Auhagen, Chairman of the State Working Committee for Musicology, State Music Council
The new edition of Crueger's four- to five-voiced Laudes with continuo accompaniment is an extraordinary editorial achievement. I emphatically support the efforts of the Akademie fuer historische Auffuehrungspraxis Berlin to gain recognition for the compositional heritage of Berlin and Brandenburg through the publishing of artistically unique and musically important works. In view of other more established but comparable editorial projects [...] our Berlin colleagues have earnt not only non-material but also every financial support. I am more than happy to give further statements.
Prof. Dr. Hans-Guenter Ottenberg, Institute for Art History and Musicology, Technical University Dresden
[...] The newly edited score of Schmelzer's Missa Dei Patris Benedicti was reproduced from merely a few vocal lines with the help of both musicological research and the insights of the performer. In my opinion it is exemplary from both points of view. The accompanying scientific comments [...] display [...] not just extensive knowledge but also extreme attention to the relevant literature. The typographical quality appears to be excellent. This edition of Schmelzer's Missa Dei Patris Benedicti is in all respects a most valuable contribution to our field. A continuation of this initial work would certainly be welcomed by many and, in my opinion, is worthy of every support.
Prof. Dr. Juergen Eppelsheim, Institute for Musicology, Munich University