Berlin [Barockorgel]
The instruments of the Berlin organ builder Joachim Wagner (1690 - 1749) are amongst the most important of the early 18th century. From an artistic point of view they are equal to those of his presumed teacher Gottfried Silbermann. The goal of the musicological research and the studies of instrumental construction done by the Akademie fuer historische Auffuehrungspraxis is to have a Wagner organ rebuilt in Berlin. An uncompromising copy would enable a 21st century player to authentically perform organ repertoire of the early 18th century.
The Akademie fuer historische Auffuehrungspraxis has commissioned the organ builder Patrick Collon (Brussels) to develop a Wagner organ with 30 registers of which he has already built a scale model. For years, this specialist for historical organ reconstruction has researched the remaining Wagner instruments in the areas surrounding Berlin. Patrick Collon, who has taken much of his inspiration from the Silbermann organs, builds new organs consistent with the measurements of the historical instruments. This still visionary project will be completed in collaboration with the Gothenburg Organ Art Center (GOArt) which is a research project of the Gothenburg University.